Data Analysis from Nasdaq

Just ran through analysis on the data from NASDAQ symbol list. As of 13 Jan 2017, there are 12 different types of sectors.

Sector Type No. of companies % Market Cap (billion) Market Cap %
Basic Industries 330 6% 1.98E+03 6%
Capital Goods 382 7% 2.12E+03 6%
Consumer Durables 144 3% 4.01E+02 1%
Consumer Non-Durables 231 4% 2.43E+03 7%
Consumer Services 824 16% 4.75E+03 13%
Energy 316 6% 3.17E+03 9%
Finance 1008 19% 5.72E+03 16%
Health Care 796 15% 4.09E+03 12%
Miscellaneous 145 3% 1.15E+03 3%
Public Utilities 287 6% 3.04E+03 9%
Technology 631 12% 5.88E+03 17%
Transportation 115 2% 6.80E+02 2%
n/a 1550 5.07E+02

These include all companies listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX but excludes companies that are not categorized. as any of the above. As of today, there are 1550 companies that do not belong to any of the category above.

Market cap wise in %, it looks fairly similar to the number of companies which obviously makes sense. Looking at companies under Technology, with the rise of companies like Apple and Facebook, it probably explains why tech companies make up 12% of total but 17% of total market cap.



Author: Zac

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